BinanceMax is a next generation decentralized exchange.

Why do most people choose decentralized exchanges?

With the advent of blockchain and crypto, the community has split into two camps, some are supported by centralized exchanges, others are decentralized. Recently, however, with the entry into the DeFi market, it is likely that the dominance is now on the side of decentralized exchanges. Indeed, in the postulates of the crypto industry, everything comes down to consolidated finance, which means the principles of decentralization and anonymity are at the head. Now the market is actively replenished with excellent decentralized platforms, but it’s time to go ahead and get better.

Why choose the BinanceMax decentralized exchange?

It so happened that in order to achieve greater success for the crypto market, constant development and the emergence of better crypto platforms, especially decentralized exchanges, are needed. One of the same decentralized exchanges is BinanceMax, but this platform has a number of differences and advantages that I want to tell you about today. I want to note right away that BinanceMax is a new generation decentralized exchange, as it has a number of new functions in its functionality that are used in centralized exchanges. It is this feature, being a decentralized exchange and having in addition the best features of centralized exchanges, that makes BinanceMax unique in the crypto market. It turns out that having in its arsenal a number of excellent features from the two areas CEX and DEX, BinanceMax can receive special attention from the entire crypto community. To be honest, having learned about it myself, I decided to join because I don’t want to miss such a unique opportunity to be one of the first to use the BinanceMax functions.

BinanceMax functions.

And so BinanceMax is the first decentralized exchange to use automated market makers. In other words, these are protocols that can provide liquidity in certain markets through automated algorithmic trading. For BinanceMax, market makers are smart contracts.

This is definitely a very important fact that will help you trade better and attract more traders to BinanceMax. It is also worth adding to this the presence of trading charts, a number of necessary indicators and tools that will make trading on BinanceMax even more convenient. I’m surprised as BinanceMax also found a place to implement futures trading and margin trading with up to 100x credit on their decentralized exchange. This is what I understand will be the functional. I am sure that with such functionality, all decentralized exchanges will envy the BinanceMax platform. And the cherry on top is the presence of a daily lottery in which from 5 to 50 BNB will be drawn and there will always be 3 prizes.

And that’s not all, BinanceMax has its own BMAX token, which operates on the Binance Smart Chain and provides users of the BinanceMax decentralized exchange with a number of great earning opportunities, and is also a real-use utility token that is 100% community owned.


And friends, as we can see, the BinanceMax decentralized exchange is indeed the first exchange to integrate the best functions from centralized exchanges into its functionality. This is very important and makes BinanceMax the next generation decentralized exchange. I believe that BinanceMax deserves special attention, as it contributes to the development and improvement of the crypto industry, the direction of DeFi, and also gives the crypto community new better functions for trading cryptocurrency, as well as earning money on it.

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