Bounty Detective is a group of professional managers.

In light of the development of the crypto industry, there is always an acute question of the availability of high-quality advertising to highlight the possibilities of crypto projects and professional managers, thanks to whom it is possible to conduct advertising campaigns, such as bounty and airdrop.

In this article, I propose to raise the topic of conducting advertising campaigns for crypto projects, as well as the presence of professional teams of managers.Why is this important? We are all in one way or another connected with crypto projects. Some of us create crypto projects, others take part in them, and still others are a link between the first and the second.

Of course, for the successful implementation of crypto projects, active participants are needed, and this is what managers do. It is these people who organize all the work, create advertising information, gather teams of participants. It is worth noting that this is a very difficult job and good, there are very few professional managers. As a participant in crypto projects, namely bounty companies and airdrop, I very clearly understand the problem that exists in this direction and it is very important for me to work with the best and reliable managers.

The problem and complexity lies in the fact that very often crypto projects turn out to be a hoax, and managers who conduct advertising campaigns for such projects often disappear and abandon their community.

I have been working in this area for more than three years and have some experience, both working in bounty companies and interacting with managers. I can say that if you want to launch an advertisement for your crypto project through a bounty company or an airdrop, then you need time-tested managers. If you are a member of bounty companies and would like to take part in really good bounty campaigns and airdrops, then you also need managers who will provide you with a robot and good bounty companies.

I will share with you my personal experience and I believe that it will help you in choosing both bounty companies for participation and managers for ordering advertising for your crypto projects.

For quite a long time now I have been working in bounty companies, which are run by the Bounty Detective management team. What is so special about these managers that I work for their bounty companies? Here are a few factors that interested me:

  • the first factor is well-formulated information about participation in bounty companies and airdrop. It often happens that the description and conditions are so incomprehensible that the desire to participate immediately disappears. I believe that if the information is poorly compiled, then this manager also treats his work badly and the chances of success in such projects are reduced;

Summing up, I can say that I take part in all their bounty companies and at the moment everything suits me. I believe that the Bounty Detective management team deserves special attention, and if you are looking for an opportunity to launch advertising for your crypto project or you want to take part in bounty companies and airdrops, then Bounty Detective is what you need.

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