Edgecoin is the world’s first educational stablecoin that provides an open payment system for educational institutions.

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies in the educational industry.

Now it is already difficult to imagine a world without blockchain and cryptocurrencies, as they more and more penetrate all industries and the life of every person. Today I want to talk about the integration of blockchain and cryptocurrencies into the education industry and note the importance of this area. As they say, it’s never too late to learn, and if cryptocurrencies contribute to this, then doing it becomes more interesting and profitable. At the same time, the use of blockchain and cryptocurrencies is significantly changing the learning industry, making it more practical and secure. Also, blockchain and cryptocurrencies are transforming the payment system in the educational industry, making it convenient, accessible and secure.

Why is the education industry choosing Edgecoin?

With the advent of the crypto platform Edgecoin, the education industry has an opportunity to become better and more accessible, as well as to solve a number of problems with educational payments. Indeed, it is now very important for every industry to have a reliable financial system that could provide fast and secure payments. The education industry has already received the world’s first educational stablecoin EDGT thanks to Edgecoin. It provides an open payment system for educational institutions. People will be able to make education-related transactions through a special decentralized application, which will be fast and secure. The educational infrastructure, regulation and stability of traditional systems of financial processes will also be fully used.

Possibilities of using Edgecoin.

As you already understood, thanks to the EDGT stablecoin, it will be possible to make all payments related to the education industry, but this is not the only option. It is worth noting that Edgecoin has another cryptocurrency and that is Gradecoin. Gradecoin is an oscillating coin specially launched for the DeFi market. Both of these cryptocurrencies of the Edgecoin platform are involved in all processes and create an ecosystem. If you can buy the EDGT stablecoin, then in order to receive the Gradecoin you need to join the automatic stake system. It works simply and you can join right now.

To join you need:

As you can see, it is really very easy and simple, and also beneficial as you
entering the liquidity rate pool early on gives you the opportunity to get 34% in Gradecoin at a price of 0.20. As you can see, early entry increases the opportunity to get more Gradecoins and at a lower cost. According to information from the administration of the Edgecoin platform, due to the high demand and interest in the Edgecoin platform, they expect 10x growth in the short term and the possibility of even 100x growth in the longer term. But this is already very interesting and now it becomes clear why there is such a great interest in the Edgecoin platform.

Edgecoin is a great platform to use.

Now I would like to summarize and draw your attention to the fact that the Edgecoin platform is very attractive to participate and very important for the development of both the crypto industry and blockchain technology, and the modernization of the education industry and the provision of an open payment system using the world’s first educational stable coins. I believe that Edgecoin deserves special attention and participation in it. I have already joined Edgecoin and invite you to participate as well.

More information

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Whitepaper: https://www.edgecoinpay.com/Official-Whitepaper-Of-Edgecoin-Year-2021-2-1.pdf

Coinmarketcap: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/edgecoin/


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