How does the new SoAlien platform make the NFT market even better and more successful?

Would you like to know more about aliens? And what if I tell you that today in this article we will talk about a new NFT platform, which is designed just for them, for aliens. You probably think that all this sounds crazy, but no, just the opposite, and today you can find out more information about aliens, as well as about the platform that, using the blockchain, was able to develop and launch a number of attractive functions for using NFT and making money on them. But let’s take everything in order!

And so the SoAlien platform right now invites everyone to become the owners of a number of unique NFT collections, as well as to take advantage of the opportunity to use new functions that can make the use of NFTs better and more profitable. Did you know that the history of the emergence of the platform originates from the AlienVille community. AlienVille is the name of a city in the United States where, according to members of this community, aliens live, and who are like people and who like everything related to people. You can probably find out more information about the life of these aliens and their interests if you want, for this simply visit the official website of the SoAlien platform. But our task is to understand how the SoAlien platform can, thanks to its solutions, help the NFT market become better and more successful. To do this, let’s turn our attention to the goals and objectives of the SoAlien platform. If we are talking about a community that knows more information about aliens living on our earth, then they probably would like to use innovative technologies and NFTs in order to also have access to this market, which is showing excellent results right now.

And really why not make money on it. In terms of using innovative technologies, SoAlien decided to use the Solana blockchain and start with NFT. As for the collection of NFTs from SoAlien, there will be 10,000 of them released, some of them will have unique attributes that will make these NFTs more expensive than others and there will be 200 such attributes in total. Is this interesting for you and me? I think — YES, as it gives you the opportunity to get access to a unique collection of NFT on the market, especially with the theme of alien life. But to make the process of using SoAlien’s NFT additional functions have been developed. Here is some of them:

  • sale of NFT tokens. It should be noted that this opportunity will open very soon. It will be possible to mint and sell the SoAlien NFT collection for excellent profits;
  • rarity tool and overview. This tool will appear before the sale of the collection and will allow you to view the NFT and see how the NFT collection will look, information about the distribution of attributes by NFT and the corresponding rarity of each NFT, broken down at the attribute level;
  • deflationary mechanism. This feature will increase the value of NFTs by buying and burning NFTs. Funds for these events will come from the sale of the NFT collection;
  • bids and retention. But this functionality will allow SoAlien NFT owners to participate in the distribution of profits, which means that it is very profitable to be a SoAlien NFT holder.

What we get as a result. If we take all the information that we have learned about the SoAlien platform, then we can safely say that the direction has been chosen correctly and the vision of the platform as well as its features deserve special attention. As far as NFT is concerned, the SoAlien platform has really been able to offer the market and the NFT community a new attractive vision, as well as great features that will certainly positively affect the development of the NFT market and the entire crypto industry in general. Don’t miss this great opportunity to become a part of the SoAlien platform and the holder of its NFT, for this, be sure to visit the official website of the SoAlien platform right now.

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