MyIdentityCoin as a unique opportunity to eliminate the risk of loss or theft of your crypto assets.

In 2021, the crypto industry has taken a big step forward towards even greater development and the most important crypto adoption in the world. All this is reflected right now in the insane growth of BTC and other top crypto assets. This is a time that will definitely be remembered by many as an excellent opportunity to make excellent profits and use new innovative crypto financial tools.

Of course, this is all that we have been waiting for and can now use. However, the problems that have accumulated throughout the development of the crypto industry have not yet disappeared. First of all, this is the problem of the likely loss or theft of your crypto asset. But thanks to new innovative solutions, we have received tools capable of solving such problems.

Why MyIdentityCoin Platform?

Today we will talk about a new promising and, most importantly, necessary platform, MyIdentityCoin. It should be noted right away that MyIdentityCoin is part of a project known by the name “Money”. The use of MyIdentityCoin in this case is of great importance, since it makes it possible to encode OkGlobal coins with the identification information of each owner.

How important is this opportunity for cryptocurrency owners? It so happened that along the entire path of the formation of cryptocurrencies there is one big problem that, unfortunately, they could not solve. This issue is related to the likely theft, loss, or unfair confiscation of your crypto asset. Agree that this is a very important problem and each of us would not want to get into such a situation and lose our crypto assets. But how many cryptocurrencies have already been lost, how many people have already lost their funds. But now there is a solution and it is in MyIdentityCoin.

I believe that this feature of the MyIdentiyCoin platform makes this platform attractive and in demand among most of the crypto community, and even more so for large crypto investors.

MyIdentityCoin ICO/IEO (pre-sale)

MyIdentityCoin has its own coin, MYID, which is currently an ERC20 token and operates on the Ethereum network, but according to the developers, after it will switch to its own unique blockchain and work in the algorithmic grid with OkGlobal Coin, and can also be used for other blockchain assets. The Etereum network for MYID has been selected for the ICO / IEO, which are currently active and available for your participation.

Supply and distribution of MYID coins

I know for sure that one of the important information for investors is information on the supply and distribution of MYID coins. Indeed, this information will allow you to find out more about the number of MYID distribution and see where and how many coins will be used.

MyIdentityCoin Roadmap

I am sure you would like to get more information about the MyIdentityCoin platform, namely about the plans for its development and the events that will take place, and for this it is very important to study the roadmap. It is in the roadmap that information is found that will help you to borrow more than other investors and be one of the first to build the right strategy for participation in MYIdentityCoin.

Summing up, I would like to once again draw your attention to the fact that MyIdentityCoin is a very important platform that has a MYID coin, which in turn carries a unique technology for marking cryptocurrencies by adding an owner ID. All of this is a solution to the global problem associated with theft, loss or unfair confiscation of your crypto assets. I am sure that MyIdentityCoin and MYID coin have already interested you and you are ready to become the owner of MYID. Don’t waste your time and join ICO / IEO right now.

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